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Are you an individual, a business owner or a company in need of IT consultation or support in Essex or London? If so, Essex Tech is here for you. We are here to help you better understand your technology and make it work for personal and business use. We provide one to one, in person tuition advice and support on the technologies and systems that make your life that bit easier.

How we do it

We help you make technology work for your needs. Our services are tailored and flexible so you can ask questions and be comfortable knowing that we are used to helping customers of all experience levels and backgrounds. Making sure you are able to perform day-to-day activities with optimum ease and efficiency. We always ensure we understand exactly what you want to achieve. That way we continuously give you the best consultation service around.

Experience that matters

Our IT Consultants have over 20 years of industry-leading experience from working with some of the best customer focused companies in the world, such as Amazon and many financial service companies, We are used to working with users from a variety of backgrounds personalities and skill levels from completely Technophobic to Solutions Architects. We are people-people, and keep jargon, well out of it. We are also Criminal Records Background checked (CRB). So, you know you can be safe in our company – whatever your IT needs are, we're here to help and know how.

Why we do it ( Mary's - Case Study )

A few years back, my mum was approached by a lady at her church, who told her she had just bought her mum a new laptop, however her mum was not happy and confident to use it. She was really worried because her mum (Mary) was going in for an operation that would see her bed bound for the next 9 months!

Her daughter would visit her once every weekend due to her own family commitments and a care helper would come and check on her twice a week. Do the shopping, cook a meal or help clean up a little. The rest of the time she was more or less on her own.

Mum asked me if I would not mind helping out by showing Mary how to use her machine and checking in on her to help break the monotony and keep her entertained. I agreed and so once a week on a Thursday, I went to see Mary on my way home from work and help her with her machine. I found that she really didn’t understand how it could help her and also she didn’t really want to spend hours and hours learning or know even what to learn. She was also worried; she would only end up breaking it.

After a few weeks, Mary warmed to the idea of letting me teach her some bit's and so we began.

After 3 months Mary was able to use Facebook and was in touch with her friends and groups of interest, she was doing her banking and shopping on-line and looking up family history and subjects of interest and watching videos on your tube. She would message her grandson and video call her friends and other family members. She had even placed a bet on the Grand National!

This small teaching made a massive impact to her quality of life, at a time she needed it most. When the careers arrived, the food was in the fridge (ordered and delivered) they could cook her a meal, help clean and also spend some time with Mary. She was no longer isolated from society and her family.

She found had her voice and a way to a quality of life that without technology simply would have been extreamly difficult for her or her family, to achieve.

Why I do IT - (My mum - Case Study)

(My Mum) 

More recently my mum was diagnosed with cancer (She has now beaten it)
but at the time we were not sure how she would react to chemotherapy, living a good 30 mins drive away and working in London, having young twins to look after made it hard for my wife and I to get there quickly if needed.  

 So, like Mary I helped mum and her friends to set up a WhatsApp group on their phones to allow them to be in communication for hospital runs, visits and generally checking in. I also set up some home automation with Alexa controlling mum's lights and power sockets, providing music and Audio books. Not only this but I connected our devices so she could call my home Alexa or send me a text just saying “send PJ a text”, or “call Cheryl”.  

 These experiences, inspierd me to start Essextech, I look forward to helping you or someone you care about. Get more out of your IT systems.


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